REFLECT: Lucy's blog - Hangout for the Homeless

Lucy is 10 years old and this is her reflection.

On Saturday the 6th of August my family and some friends participated in a fundraiser called Hangout For The Homeless. This fundraiser was run by an organisation call K.I.P  [kids in philanthropy]  which my mum is on the board for. We were raising money for Orange Sky Laundry and The lighthouse foundation. Both of theses foundations work with homeless people though they are just as regular as you and me. The whole point of the night was to raise awareness about homelessness to younger age groups and to help those who are homeless.

At the start of the night all the people who had donated money came along to where we did the activities. All of the activities were going to have a impact on Melbourne’s more dark and sad sides. Two of my friends Harriet and Charlotte came to the activities and enjoyed them all. The first activity we took part in was the tour of the Orange Sky Laundry Van. I was amazed and certainly grateful that I had an opportunity to see the Young  Australians of the Years fundraising Van. We also had a chat from a worker, student and carer from the lighthouse foundation which was really inspirational. And the next activity we took part in was hand knitting scarves. These scarves will be given to the homeless as something to keep warm. One activity was writing a letter which we didn’t get around to because we were caught up in the next. This activity was making lunch packs for kids and families don’t have any food. A personal favorite because we made our dream lunches. Next was wrapping and placing stickers on sandwiches. The final activity was making toiletry bags. the whole night was so fun and inspirational but there is still more.

Now for the real commitment we had last weekend was sleeping on the floor. We talk till 11pm and didn’t get as much sleep as normal but a fun and new challenge is definitely worth trying. Altogether we raised over 1,100 dollars, a massive achievement and we were all Hangout Heroes.

For more information and donations visit:

Here is a picture of the light house chat

Here is a picture of the light house chat

What do you think you could do to help prevent and support  homelessness?