Netflix - Must Watch Top 11 Series

A little late to the game, but I’m here and I’m hooked! Over the summer I discovered Netflix. What are you doing watching tele when you should be at the beach, I hear you saying? Well, we are talking about Melbourne summer and it’s fair to say that we do get the odd (or maybe a few) cold rainy days thrown into the mix.

Whenever I have down time, I’m now torn: Do I read my book (I have a never-ending list of book recommendations) or do I watch Netflix? These holidays Netflix won hands down. I’m not sure whether I’m noticing it now that I’m officially in the ‘Netflix Clique’ – it’s a bit like getting your P Plates and you start noticing every other P plater driving on the road and you realise there are heaps of you... well, that’s how I feel about my Netflix addiction. It feels like everyone is watching Netflix and has been for years.

So, why was I so late on the uptake? Maybe the weak wifi connection in my house had something to do with it – thank you Google wifi booster for fixing this problem. I’m so many series behind on so many of the favourites and most are original and made exclusively for Netflix. There just isn’t enough time to watch TV!!!!! It is not like Netflix doesn’t make it easy for you to spend all of your spare time watching the god damn thing. Login to any device: smart TV, ipad, your kid’s ipad, PC, laptop and probably your iphone and you can continue streaming the show from where you left off. 

Life does get in the way and I now refuse to stay up until 1am watching ‘just one more episode....’ it’s not worth the sleep deprivation. But, if you find yourself with some spare time, then I have some recommendations for you. I’ve asked almost everyone I know what they’re watching on Netflix and here is our must-watch top 11 series:

1.       The Crown (2 seasons) 


God love the Queen. I have never been more fascinated about the royal family. I found myself googling after every episode, craving more information on the historical facts. Claire Foy plays the role of ‘The Queen’ just brilliantly. Love love love this series and can’t wait for season 3, currently in production.




2.       The Sinner (Just 1 season, 8 episodes)


You will easily smash this out. Wow can Jessica Biel cry. She is fabulous in this thriller trying to uncover ‘why’ instead of the ‘who done it.’



3.       Bloodline (3 seasons)


With our very own Ben Medelsohn playing the bad boy that you can’t help feeling sorry for. Filmed and set in beautiful Florida Keys, you’ll be inspired to consider this as your next holiday destination. It’s a very dramatic thriller following the dark secrets of the Rayburn family.


4.       Narcos (3 seasons)


A series that my husband actually wants to watch with me. It’s the true story of Colombia’s violent and powerful drug cartels.  Bring on this gangster series.



5.       Alias Grace (1 limited series, 6 episodes)


We have all fallen in love with Margaret Atwood with her Handmaid’s Tale, this series is based on another one of her award-winning novels. Set in 19th century Canada, a psychiatrist decides whether a murderess should be pardoned due to insanity.


6.       Peaky Blinders (3 seasons)


Set in 1919 Birmingham in the aftermath of the Great War. It’s about an ambitious gang moving up in the world, no matter the cost.



7.       Victoria (1 season)


I’ve been told that if you enjoyed The Crown, you’ll love Victoria. What I do like is that it is only one season. The show draws on real-life events and personal diaries of Queen Victoria.


8.       Stranger Things (2 seasons)


This will take you back to your childhood with Winona Ryder. Science fiction isn’t usually my thing, but I will give it a go for Winona. A young boy vanishes and as they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries and a very unusual little girl.



9.       Cable Girls (2 seasons)


I had to throw a romance in there.......hard to believe this job ‘cable girl’ actually existed. Set in 1920s Madrid, the series follows four women working at the National Telephone Company. Managing romance, friendship and the modern workplace.


10.   Seven Seconds (1 season)


We are really drawn to darkness...A 15-year-old black cyclist dies in a hit and run accident, with a white police officer behind the wheel of the vehicle.  Racial tension and police cover ups will keep you intrigued.


11.   Ozark (1 season)


Starring Jason Bateman (yes, that’s Mel’s brother from Family Ties). He’s a financial adviser who relocates his family from Chicago to the resort community in the Ozarks, where he must launder $500million in five years to appease a drug boss.