My Brilliant Friend

This novel - the first in a series of four - really divided the group. The story travelled at a slow meandering pace, reflective of everyday life for most people. Some appreciated this, and found beauty in the everyday events. Others lost interest, felt that nothing really happened, and it was a chore to finish. According to published reviews of the subsequent novels - be patient and you will go on a beautiful journey. 

Vaporetto, Hawthorn

Theming a restaurant for this book discussion was easy and quite timely. The book was set in Naples, so we chose Hawthorn's newest Italian eatery, Vaporetto, and dined in the opening week. There were lots of familiar faces from the owners' sister establishment, Crabapple, a few doors down, which has long been a local favourite. 

Even in its early days, Vaporetto hasn't had any problems pulling a crowd…whether it be a drink and bar snack before catching a film at the Lido, or experiencing the full Venetian dining experience in the restaurant. We had an authentic evening, with many delicious homemade pasta options and Italian wine served by the glass or carafe (we may have consumed a few 'litros'). It's quite refreshing having a menu with a modern spin on some of the Italian classics. There are lots of photos on the wall with happy snaps from what I assume are the owners on holiday in Venice. You may want to consider adding Venice to your European holiday itinerary.

This part of Glenferrie Road has recently come to life. With the opening of Lido cinemas, there's a great energy in this hub and Vaporetto just adds to this. We look forward to this becoming our local meeting place - the extensive drinks list is so enticing, and how can you pass up a drink and more-ish fries (served with parmesan, rosemary salt and aioli)? Welcome to the neighbourhood.