After You (sequel to Me Before You)

With some fear and trepidation, we decided to read the sequel to our much-loved Me Before You. We held our breath and dived in, fairly sure that we'd be disappointed - but we needed to satisfy our curiosity, nonetheless. And sure enough, we were right - the book lacked direction, and it felt as though it was 'a sequel for the sake of a sequel'. 

Book Clubber's home with take away pizzas from Double Zero, Hawthorn

Sometimes the mood from the book sets the mood for the book discussion: perhaps this was the case for this month's meeting, where the book received very little discussion time. We met at a member's home, and we were more interested in deciding our take-away pizza order than actually discussing the book.

Double Zero Pizzeria is relatively new to our closest retail shopping strip on Burwood Road. You'll find your favourite here, with both traditional and gourmet pizzas available. It's a reasonably priced takeaway option and definitely satisfies the pizza craving. Perfect choice for a night in, with a bottle of wine.


After You: A Novel
By Jojo Moyes