A well-written novel which follows the life of a liberal, middle-class American family through the last decades of the twentieth century. It's a family saga about suburban living, parent-child relationships, infidelity, and an exploration of the way that Americans abuse their political and personal freedoms. It's an easy to read, well structured novel, but some felt it was a bit soap-opera-ish. 

Botherambo, Richmond

Freedom and happiness go hand-in-hand, so we chose a happy place to meet this month. Botherambo is a hip venue serving Southeast Asian cuisine. The service was great and the menu offers all the favourites, including dumplings, red duck curry and crispy pork belly. For a fun night out, try the Cocktail Banquet, where a different cocktail is paired with each dish on the food banquet. Botherambo is located in a busy part of Swan Street, and close to Richmond Station - both the restaurant and bar were buzzing when we were there.