The Children Act

It's always a welcome surprise when our book club read is less than 300 pages - as is the case with The Children Act. This well-structured book follows Fiona Maye, a high court judge, as she presides over a court that must decide the fate of an unwell seventeen year old boy, who is refusing medical treatment due to his religious beliefs. It's less of a courtroom legal drama and more of a quiet, introspective book about relationships - between husband and wife, parents and children, lawyers and their clients, medical ethics and religion. It was an easy book to read, and lead to a vigorous book club discussion - although there was some criticism that the writing, although proficient, seemed too clinical and lacked emotion at times. 

Romulus & Remus, Richmond

This book generated a lot of discussion, so we chose a venue that would give us some privacy. We requested to be seated at the booth and it was a perfect set-up for this month's meeting.

The food at Romulus & Remus is consistently good. It satisfies everyone's taste buds, offering a range of menu options from pizza & pasta, to herb-crusted salmon, to a whole baby piggy (with 72 hours notice). It's your local place that serves honest, real, delicious food.

The Children Act
By Ian McEwan