Two Brothers

This is not just 'another war book'. It's a beautiful story about two boys born on the same day in 1920 Berlin, raised by the same parents; yet one boy is Jewish. These two brothers are united and share everything. However, their ties are tested. Growing up at such a terrible time, the brothers are faced with an unimaginable choice - which one will survive? It's possibly Ben Elton's most personal novel and very different to his other books.


CRU, Kew

Although not in keeping with the German theme of the novel, we stayed in our local hood for this month's book club catch up. It was a cold and rainy night, and so the most popular dish by far was the slow-roasted lamb shoulder. 

The menu caters to a shared eating experience, although we had a few that were happy to order their own mains. The spaghettini with the crab was delicious. Lovely wine list to match the tasty food. The transformation from buzzing cafe in the day, to restaurant at night, works quite well. Unlike other local restaurants, we didn't feel like we were the last table remaining at the early hour of 9.30pm. Staff were really friendly. There is a private dining room upstairs.  


Two Brothers: A Novel
By Ben Elton Ben Elton