We are all completely beside ourselves

We can't say too much about this book because of the surprising twist that occurs about a quarter of the way through. Are you curious? The story follows the life of Rosemary Cooke and her family - her clever father, her lively mother, her adored older brother, and her mischievous sister Fern. As a child, Rosemary never stopped talking. But as an adult, she is traumatised by an event from her childhood - an event so awful that she has tried to block it out. The fate of Fern, Rosemary's beloved sister, is something they could never have imagined. This is definitely an original book, touching on themes that we'd never previously discussed at book club. If you're interested in family relationships and the study of psychology, we think you'll enjoy it.

Mixed reviews from our book clubbers, but overall we'd rate it 3/5. 


To be honest, we had babysitting issues that night! So we decided to bunker down and discuss the book in the home of a book clubber. However, it was actually a perfect fit, as this book was all about family, relationships and events that happened in the home. Over the years, we've had very few home-based book clubs, but they always have a relaxed and informal vibe - ugg boots are welcome. It's also a great chance to sample the culinary talents of our book-clubbers, as we all bring along a plate.