Gone Girl

If you love a gripping thriller, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy this dark, disturbing novel about a wife's sudden disappearance. Amy Dunne mysteriously vanishes from her home, while her husband Nick is having a drink with his sister. The scene looks like a break-in, with all evidence pointing towards a violent struggle with an intruder, yet Nick is immediately under suspicion for his involvement in Amy's disappearance. In a series of fast-paced twists and turns, we learn more about the dynamics of their relationship – in fact, author Gillian Flynn has described her interest in the psychology of a long-term relationship, and this is a constant theme throughout the book.  

Most book-clubbers agreed that it was hard to put down, but we had our frustrations too – the troubled, untrustworthy characters were difficult to like, and there was no sense of connection with either Nick or Amy. Above all, the ending was infuriating! But go ahead and experience for yourself exactly what all the fuss is about – after all, this book was a wildly popular New York Times bestseller, and the 2014 movie starring Ben Affleck also received critical acclaim. 

Jinda Thai, Abbotsford

Craving something fragrant, some chilli and a good green curry? When we walked into Jinda Thai, we felt we'd discovered something new and special. It's hidden down a narrow cobbled back street, next door to an Asian wholesale grocery store - it's not the sort of place you would just happen to pass by. But people seem to be in the know - it's a busy, buzzing restaurant, so make sure you book ahead. It's probably too noisy for book discussions, but it sure did hit the spot for that Thai food craving - the food was superb. It's quite spicy, but don't worry - a tissue box is provided on every table! It's also BYO, so bring your favourite wine to accompany perfectly-cooked Thai dishes.

Gone Girl
By Gillian Flynn