Nine Perfect Strangers

So...last night I finished this highly anticipated new release by Liane Moriarty, and I was disappointed. It started off well but then became so far-fetched that it lost me. I understand that it’s satire, questioning why people with comfortable lives are forever (unnecessarily?) pursuing optimal wellness and self-improvement; and that we hand ourselves over to all kinds of ‘experts’ who promise such benefits. But it was so unrealistic.

As always, I do think Moriarty is a master at observing human behaviour - our insecurities, ambitions, priorities and interactions with others. In that sense, the book is enjoyable.

Surprisingly, Goodreads is full of 5-star reviews! Maybe for some, it appeals because it’s far-fetched, risky and pushes the boundaries? Not sure. But if you’re yet to experience Liane Moriarty, don’t start with this one - try Big Little Lies or What Alice Forgot, as both are fabulous.